The Benefits Of Using Dog Pepper Spray

When a person owns a dog that typically care for all type of dogs, even when an attack occurs. Most dog owners will agree that their first priority will be to protect themselves as well as their own dog, but at the same time they won’t want to cause the attacking dog or animal a debilitating injury. Convenient, humane and short-term are the words that can describe the best solution to deter aggressive dogs. This product is known as dog pepper spray and was created to protect dog owners and their beloved pets.

Dog Pepper SprayBelow are some reasons as to why well-known and FDA approved dog peppers sprays are a trusted brand for consumers and the police worldwide:

•Effective, safe and humane, an all-natural spray that can be used on an attacking dog.

•Brands such as MACE offer a reliable maximum-strength in heat that has been guaranteed by their in-house lab.

•Protection is offered as the spray can be used from 10 feet away and typically will include 10 one-second bursts.

In the news are always a number of reports that involve dog-on-dog attacks. It is important to realize that if you happen to own a pet such as a dog that may be friendly to your family and other humans but may not like other dogs, realize that your animal can escape or get out of your property accidentally which can result in another dog becoming injured or killed unnecessarily. This is where pepper spray for dogs is one of the best solutions today for any dog owner.

While many of the dog lovers prefer not to think about the fact that canines can end up harming one another, the truth of the matter is that various dog-on-dog attacks happen often and result in serious injuries and even death. Below are a few examples of recent attacks that have occurred:

•Animal control in the process of investigating a dog-on-dog attach through The Montana Standard

•Rant to a canine owner for a dog-on-dog attack and a rave for the people who offered their assistance from The Seattle Times

•Woman in Nanaimo states that a pit bull that attacked a smaller dog caused its death through the Nanaimo Daily News

•A letter to The Salt Lake Tribune states that all dog owners should invest in a pepper spray designed for animals in order to protect their beloved pets

The stories listed below involving dog-on-dog attacks often are related to legal, financial and emotional stress on either the owner or owners involved. In order to assist with avoiding time-consuming stress and strain, a dog pepper spray can be used to put an instant stop to aggressive behavior and the harm to the dog involved will be temporary. These pepper sprays are available in a number of belt-clip or keychain options. They are easy to use and can offer reliability when you need it the most. The best part is you can protect your dog from harm or even death.

Learning To Use Pepper Spray For Self Defense

Plenty of people like the idea of being safe and secure. Quite frankly, everyone likes that idea. In an uncertain world, it’s nice to find a little bit of comfort. Due to that fact, many people get the idea of carrying pepper spray with them. This makes sense. Pepper spray is a non-lethal weapon that can be the difference between staying safe, and getting mugged.

Unfortunately, far too many people think of pepper spray as a magical self defense charm. They think that as long as they have the pepper spray, they’re safe. This means that they carry it with them for a few weeks, until the novelty finally wears off. Then it winds up being forgotten in the junk drawer at home, or it winds up in the bottom of the purse. Other people accidentally wind up spraying themselves, and promptly get rid of the thing. As you can imagine, neither of these situations results in someone being made more safe thanks to the pepper spray.

Pepper Spray is a Tool

So if buying pepper spray doesn’t let you stay safe, what good is having it? It’s important to understand that pepper spray can absolutely help keep you safe. However, pepper spray is a tool. No tool is useful if you don’t know how to use it. The same is true of pepper spray. If you want your pepper spray to be useful in keeping you safe, then you need to train to use it. It may seem silly to train using a small spray can, but the alternative is that you miss out on a great tool.

First and foremost, make sure you’re familiar with the laws involving pepper spray in your state. While most states allow civilians to own pepper spray, many states have laws regarding when and how the pepper spray is being used. This means that if you’re not careful, you could wind up using the pepper spray in an illegal manner, even if you’re using it when you fear for your life. No one wants to find themselves in a situation where they had to fight for their lives, only to discover that they’re still in trouble with the law.

Once you know the laws involving pepper spray, the next step is discovering what kind you need. Not all pepper sprays are created equal, after all. Different ones have different strengths, and you should make sure not to buy a crowd dispersal spray when what you need is a personal defense spray. That can be the difference between safely and appropriately defending yourself, and causing long term damage to someone.

The next thing you need to consider is where to keep your pepper spray. You need to find a place to keep it that’s easy to reach, and allows you to draw it quickly. Simply tossing your pepper spray in your purse will not help you at all. After all, if someone is attacking you, you may not have time to reach your hand into your purse and pull the pepper spray out. You need to be able to draw it and use it within the blink of an eye. Otherwise, what good is it?

Training with Pepper Spray

There are other details in training with pepper spray. If you’re serious about protecting yourself, and you’re serious about using pepper spray, then you should track down a training class. There are a number of places that offer classes to help you train with pepper spray, and taking those classes is worthwhile. They will help you make the difference between a useless piece of junk, and a successful self defense tool.